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At Eagle Counseling Agency, I provide individual and group counselling services to help people improve their lives. I offer to counsel for substance abuse, anger management, co-dependency, trauma, and self-esteem, etc. My comfortable clinic in Perry and flexible appointment options mean you'll be in the best place...

Dedicated Counselling Services

By combining dedicated counselling services with complementary alternative therapies, my approach helps you realign mind, body, and spirit. I utilise mindfulness, meditation, and other processes along with talking therapy to fully consider how your thoughts and feelings can affect your physical health, as well as...

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Excellent quality counselling, recommended A++

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Abuse Counselling

Relationships with our intimate others can come under a lot of strain with the stresses of modern-day life taking their toll. Relationship …

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Anger Management Therapy

Anger management therapy aims to help those whose loss of temper results in an extreme response or violent temper. This has extremely …

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Co-dependency Counselling

Our modern-day lives can take a toll on us, leaving us feeling stressed and without direction during hard times. Get the help and support …

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